Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Negative predictions... Why do we just want to ignore them ??

People ignore astrological predictions , specially the negative ones. Infact they just dont want to listen to any negative prediction

A mail I got today from a client ( April 2014):

Dear Paritosh ji
Hope you remember me!
I had word with you regarding my problems.
Off late there are lots of hiccups and negative results in all my areas.
I got 2 jobs and joined but had to quit for some unwanted reasons. Secondly, I was expecting my pregnancy but had to terminate it midway because of some complications. Life seems to be really hopeless.
Kindly if possible advise some solutions .

Her remedy report had the following analysis points , which she had ordered 12 months ago (May 2013):

Especially since November 2012 you have been in tensions and depression. This period will be there till mid 2014.
There are delays and issues, in having kids as well. Chances of abortions are there, please take special care and get full medical check of husband and wife before planning children
June 14 to June 15 best time to have kids.
All issues due to in laws etc is due to malefic rahu placement and rahu dasha. You need to be patient and smart in dealing with things
Time is also not very supportive for a good job. Will be better after 31st may.


The cruxt:

=> I agree that astrologers can never be 100% true, but yes there is a lot that astrology and astrologers can hint at.
=> Why do we just simply close our ears to negative hints?
=> I have had clients, who just want to listen a Positve answer or a yes, they will rephrase their questions 10 times , just to make me say a slight yes atleast
=> In above case, I had advised , not to plan any child before mid 2014. But the client just ignored it. !! :(
=> Surely, destiny can not be changed, but yes we can ofcourse pave a path to a better future by our present karmas. Depending how strong the past karmas are, surely in her case the past karmic debt was so heavy that she got a warning through a divine medium ( astrology) but ignored it. Astrologicaly her case n illussion is attributed to heavy rahu influence , coupled with shani contribution which makes her external n internal both conditions very tough!

God bless us all with knowledge n strength to do the Right thing!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

            Demystifying  Horoscope Match Making ( Kundli/Gun Milan )

Finding the best life partner among the crowd via Horoscope Match Making  ??
Come, let us understand what is "Kundli/Gun Milan" and what is or rather should be the use of matching horoscopes.

In the phase when some one is looking for a spouse, he/she or their parents visit astrologers with horoscope of each and every proposal that comes in their way and ask for a "kundli milan".
People ask questions like, how is the prospect, post marriage life, child birth, career with the would be spouse.

Now, what if the horoscope say - child birth is denied?? what if the horoscope shows vaidhavya yog (widowhood).
Shall we reject such horoscopes for marriage? or shall we ignore the results and accept it?

Say we reject it, what have we prevented?
Prevented a disastrous marriage? Prevented a post marriage trauma? Prevented ourself from being childless? 

No, we have not prevented anything. We can not prevent anything for that matter :)

The saying goes like - अवश्यमेव भोक्तव्यं कृत कर्मम शुभाशुभं , meaning every good and bad karma of a soul has to be borne by him

If gun milan/kundli milan could prevent childlessness, widowhood, hardships etc; then Raam & Seeta would not have suffered vanvas, separation & lack of Children related happiness.
Shree Raam had the best astrologers and rishis to guide about the match making, about vivah muhurat etc.
Not the kind of astrologers we find today , who don't even sometimes understand the difference between a house and a sign and start guiding people :)

The cruxt is that - प्रारब्ध पेहले बना पीछे बना शरीर :)

Every part and parcel of our life is governed by past karmas or by rinubandh ( karmic debts); what to say about major things like your parents, your siblings, spouse , children, profession, education, wealth & health.

If you are destined to be childless, you think you can choose a horoscope which shows child birth and enjoy the happiness of children through your life partners luck ? :)

Its your own destiny & you will go through it , whatever your spouse's horoscope indicates.

Shree Raam dint get happiness from his children untill they were adults!!
Mata Sita had to leave her material body and separate from her husband/children after some years!!
Raam & Seeta had to face separation multiple times.

So we now understand that horoscope match making will not prevent anything or help you choose a gem of a person with perfect prospects of child birth, career, health & wealth

Then what is gun milan for? :)
In fact what is horoscope analysis for? When destiny can not be changed.

Gun milan is just to estimate all material issues of a couple & their compatibility.

My personal experience says, once you have practically accepted/decided for a marriage proposal, then you should be doing the Kundli milan. And well before marriage once must perform parihar karmas(remedies) to mitigate/balance the doshas of the individual horoscopes and the doshas coming out of the gun milan system

For the more technically , rather astrological smart junta - let me explain the above in astrological terms.
Gun milan is just a matrix of 108 nakstra charans into 108 nakshatra charans , which gives you a score out of 36 [Divided into 8 pointers, each pointer weighing from 1 to 8] for each of these combination. Hence it is called "AshtKoot Milan"

Millions of people born in a particular nakstra charan will have the same score with another nakstra charan born people (again in milions)

Apart from gun milan, manglik dosh, seventh house strength and moon sign relationships plus other factors like Guru for the girls and Shukra for boy is take into account to judge the married life.

But everything taken into account - You will still end up marrying that ONE person, to whom which you are destined to get married.

Either the horoscopes match results will be ignored, the horoscope will not be available, fake horoscopes will be presented by one or both sides, or anything else, no astrologer/no horoscope math making process can help you in "not" marrying that destined person or help you in marrying the best of the best person :)

Nutshell - Take horoscope match making as an aid, as one take horoscope analysis as an aid to understand ones life and work on it in a better way

Special note on Remedies -

Remedies shall help you.. support you; but they can not alter/change/divert your destiny.
Analogy in medical terms - A diabetes patient will suffer from the disease life long. A pill twice a day before meals will keep his sugar levels low, and help prevent diabetes associated bad effects on his health, but will not finish off the "disease". he shall depend on that pill for lifetime.
Along with this if he takes ayurvedic supplements, and follows good food habits, his diabetes might not trouble him much.
Similarly, if you are born with some dosh in the horscope ( say shani dosh, mangal dosh, kemdrum dosh.. and so on .... ) you will die with that dosh too.
What can be done is : Understand the problem & its root cause(karma) and act accordingly to improve in further though kriyaman karmas (current) & grace of Almight !!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

**************** माँ ****************


                                        **************** माँ   ****************

माँ की सेवा नहीं करी तो अगले जनम में मानसिक  अशांति, ब्लडप्रेशर , माता से सुख में कमी, पागलपन , डिप्रेशन आदि बिमारियों से परेशां हो कर जगा जगा तांत्रिकों, डॉक्टरों , ज्योतिषियों के चक्कर काटने  पड़ेंगे।

भाग्य का आधार है कर्म।  कर्म सुधारो - भाग्य सुधरेगा
 माँ बाप कि सेवा पहला कर्म है

पिता सूर्य का और माता चन्द्रमा कि प्रतीक है

ज्योतिष में माँ का कारक ग्रह होता है चन्द्रमा। और ज्योतिष शास्त्र में ८० % फलित ज्योतिष का आधार  है चन्द्रमा
गोचर का विचार  चन्द्रमा कि राशि से किया जाता है।
विंशोत्तरी दशा की गणना चन्द्रम के नक्षत्र से की जाती है

जिस तरह ज्योतिष का आधार है चन्द्रमा, वैसे ही धर्म अनुसार कर्म का आधार है माँ कि सेवा
धर्म अनुसार कर्म करने से ही सबल और अनुकूल  होती है।  इसलिए सब से पहले माँ कि सेवा करो

चन्द्र बल से सब ग्रह अनुकूल होते है।  चन्द्र बल के बिना सभी शुभ योग भी निष्फल होते है

ॐ श्राम श्रीम श्रौं सह सोमाय नमः

Thanks & Regards

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Maha Shivratri (27 February 2014) :- रुद्राभिषेक : नवग्रह शांति का राम बाण


                                                           Maha Shivratri : 27 February 2014

रुद्राभिषेक : नवग्रह शांति का राम बाण :

इस पूजा में शिवलिंग की विधिवत पूजा की जाती है. शिव परिवार सहित
शिवलिंग पर धरा से (दुग्ध धरा, जल धरा, घृत धरा, गन्ने के रस की धरा, दुग्ध मिश्रित जल सहारा इत्यादि से )
लगातार धारा से अभिषेक करते हुए रूद्र पाठ किया जाता है

रूद्र पाठ की प्रचलित विधियाँ:
१) शुक्ल यजुर्वेदीय रुद्राष्टाध्यायी का पाठ( १ या ११ बार)
२) शुक्ल यजुर्वेदीय रुद्राष्टाध्यायी का पंचम और अष्टम अध्याय का पाठ
३) कृष्णा यजुर्वेदीय पाठ का "नमक" पाठ ११ बार. हर पाठ के बाद "चमक" पाठ के एक श्लोक का पाठ (एकादश रूद्र पाठ )
४) शिव सहस्रनाम पाठ
५) रूद्र सुक्त का पाठ

अभिषेक के बाद पुनः पूजन किया जाता है .

ग्रह शांति के लिए अभिषेक के साथ नवग्रह( अथवा किसी विशेष ग्रह के बीज मंत्र ) का जप, नमः शिवाय मंत्र का जप अथवा महाम्रित्युम जाया जप करवाना प्रभावशाली होता है

रुद्राभिषेक विशेष मुहुरतों में तथा तीरथ स्थान में करवाने से अत्यधिक शुभ फल देने वाला होता है.

इस पूजन से राहु, शनि की दशा, अशुभ गोचर, नाडी दोष, सर्प दोष, मंगल दोष, कलत्र दोष, विष दोष, केमद्रुम दोष.

विशेष पूजन विधि की सामर्थ्य न हो तो केवल रोज़ नियम से मंदिर में जा कर शिवलिंग की जल धरा से अभिषेक करिए.
जल में नवग्रह शांति के लिए कच दूद, गंगा जल, काले तिल, ध्रुवा आदि दाल लेना अच्छा रहता है

ॐ नमो भगवते रुद्राये

नमस्ते अस्तु भगवन विश्वेश्वराय महादेवाय त्रयम्बकाय त्रिपुरान्तकाय त्रिकालाग्निकालाय कालाग्नीरुद्राय नीलकंठाय मृत्युमजयाय सर्वेश्वराय सदाशिवाय श्रीमन महादेवाय नमः

|| सदा रक्षतु शंकरः || सदा रक्षतु शंकरः || सदा रक्षतु शंकरः ||

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

14th Feb 2014: Magh Poornima falling on a Friday


                                14th Feb 2014: Magh Poornima falling on a Friday

इस दिन देवी के राजसिक रूप की करें पूजा.लक्ष्मी, महालक्ष्मी, राजेश्वरी, ललिता, बाला त्रिपुरसुन्दरी, भुवनेश्वरी .श्री कुल की सभी देवी शक्तियों का पूजन इस दिन विशेष रूप से करें

विशेष तौर से शाम को और रात्रि को देवी का पूजन करें:

१) देवी को शेवत मिष्ठान का भोग अर्पित करें 

२) श्वेत पुष्पों की माला और कमल के पुष्प देवी को अर्पित करें. => श्वेत भोग और श्वेत पुष्प से इस दिन किया गया पूजन शुक्र गृह जनित अरिष्ट की शांति करने वाला होगा

३) माता के मंदिरों में करे देसी घी के बड़े-छोटे दीयों का दान

४) रात्रि में पूर्ण चंद्रमा में देवी की भावना कर के देवी को अर्ध्य देंअर्ध्य पात्र में गंगा जल, कचा दूध , चीनी और श्वेत पुष्प आदि दाल कर अर्ध्य दें

जय माँ

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

4th Feb 2013:- वसंत पंचमी : सरस्वती आराधना का पर्व

                   4th Feb 2013:- वसंत पंचमी : सरस्वती आराधना का पर्व 

यह तिथि देवी सरस्वती का प्राकट्य दिवस होने से इस दिन सरस्वती जयंती, श्रीपंचमी आदि पर्व भी होते हैं

इस दिन करें देवी सरस्वती की विश्शेष पूजा
इनकी कृपा के बिना को ज्ञानी, विज्ञानी, गणितज्ञ , ज्योतिषी,  दैवज्ञ, कवी, शिक्षक, शिष्य सफल नहीं
हो सकता.

विद्या, कला और बुद्धि  कि अधिष्ठात्री  है ये

    सरस्वति महाभागे विद्ये कमललोचने |
    विद्यारूपे विशालाक्षि विद्यां देहि नमोस्तु ते ||

जय माँ

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

बृहस्पतिवार् और आमवस्या का योग

30 January 2014: बृहस्पतिवार् और आमवस्या का योग

बृहस्पति की शांति  के लिए  दिन करें उपाय़ :

१)  गाय  को यथा शक्ति गुर और केले खिलाएं
२)  ब्राहमण को तथा गरीब  को चने की दाल , हल्दी , गुर, केले, पीला कपडा , शहदआदि  आदि दक्षिणा सहित दान करें
३) सुबह पीपल के पेड़ की जड़ में शक्कर मिला जल  डालें।  इसमे थोडा गंगा जल भी मिला लें
४) शाम को पीपल के पेड़ के पास घी का दीपक जलाएं

नोट : उपाय अपने ज्योतिषी की सलाह से करना ठीक  रहता  है।  

Thanks & Regards
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

                Ravi Pushya Yoga and Poornima - 27th January 2012

27th January is a beautiful combination of Ravivaar , Pushya nakshatra and Poornima.  Hence to add on the ravi pushya nakshatra there is poorn chandra bal also.

This day hence is a very auspicious muhurat to do the following pious astro rituals to mitigate malefic planetary:

1) Performing rudrabhishek with shiv sahasranaam, shiv mahimn stotra, rudra-ashta-adhyaayi or namak    
     chamak vidhi.

2) Performing chandi path

3) Performing Surya jap and havan

4) Writing yantras on bhoj patra for a specific number of times for yantra sidhi. Feed the wriiten yantras to fishes by putting them in dough made up of flour.

5) Feed cows with gur and channa

6) Ganga snaan.

7) Re energising stones, specifically like - Yellow saphire, Emerald, Ruby, Red Coral, Pearl etc.

Note - 

This is a perfect muhurat to energise and wear ruby and red coral. If this suits you as per your horoscope, one can contact me to purchase high quality ruby and red coral.

Karm Jyotish

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bhagya and Karma : The Vicious Circle of Maya

Bhagya-Vaad and Karma-Vaad : These are the two conflicting views which people always have. The bhagyavaadi people say that everything is pre decided and will happen as per our luck, the second cult say that everything is in our hand, what we do , is what happens.

Actually , both the philosophies talk about the same truth, ironically people will not understand this easily.

The Hindu philosophy of karma and bhagya goes like this:
=> When one takes birth, he is assigned a portion of the karma stock he has accumulated in his previous births.This assigned portion is called "Prarabdh Karma", which we call as bhagya, luck, destiny. The person takes birth in a family , his health, wealth, wisdom, happiness and problems, all are as per this assigned karma stock called "Prarabdh".
=> The complete stock of karmas which one has accumlated so far is called, "Sanchit Karma". Prarabdh is a portion taken out from this Sanchit Karma and allocated to a particular birth.
=> The good/bad deeds which one does in the current birth are known as "Kriyamaan Karma".

(*)Kabeer has very well explained this in the following doha:
"Prarabdh pahile bana, peeche bana sareer ; kabeer achambha hai yahi, man nahin bandhe dheer"
 Meaning: Prarabhdha is decided , before we take birth, this is the strange reality of this world, but still our mind does not undertand this and is always impatient about the future.

Now the two most common questions which arise are:

1)If everything has to happen as per "Prarabdh Karma" then what are we doing here?
Yes, everything happens as per prarabdha karma, but the Kriyaaman karmas also have their effects and role to play. 

(*)Kabeer explains it like this:
"Keenhe bina upaye kachu, Dev kabhu naa det ; Khet beej bove nahin, to kyun jamen khet "
Meaning: Without one's endeavour, even the gods do not give anything. Why would a field yield, if no seeds have been sown in it.

2)Can pujas/rituals/remedies and/or our present karma help us in evading past karamas?

Astrological/Tantrik/Relgious texts do mention about pujas, rituals , fasts and remedial measures to reduce the karmic influences of prarabdh karma. Yes, they help us reduce karmic influences, but it is like creating positive energy to counter-act the negative energy of our bad deeds. The karmic energy of bad deeds do not reduce, they are intact; it is only that we create some positive energy to help us .

It is like, if you are destined to be hurt by a sword, You will surely get hurt, but at the same time in case you have done some positive karma/remedies you would get some one who would look after for you and help you till you heal.

Also our present karmas can help us. Example, if  a person is destined to be poor, he will be poor. But if he does a lot of hard work to earn money, he can get a little more than what he was supposed to get, since the present karmas also count. The only thing is that Kriyaaman Karma take their time to give effects, just as, we sow a seed today, but we have to wait for years to get the fruits. So it is more of the prarabdh karma which has hold on us, then the kriyaaman karma.

(*)Kabeer explains it better:
"Likha mite nahin karm ka, guru kar bhaj hari naam ; seedhe maarg nit chale, daya dharm visraam"
Meaning: Fruits of our karmas can not be averted, so it is advised to be in the shelter of Guru and always chant the name of God, while doing good deeds and following the path pf dharma and mercy.

Here I would give the example of Shree RaamKrishna Paramhansa, he was a sidh tantrik and his followers considered him to be an incarnation of God.He has been the most famous devotee of Maa Kali. 
He died due to throat cancer, and was unable to talk , eat and drink in his last days.
During this time, he was asked by his devotees that, you are a sidha, Maa Kali talks to you, (it is believed that Maa used to appear to RamKrishna Paramhans, and accept the kheer as offering from him daily) why don't you ask her to cure this cancer. We all can not see you in this state. 
On this, he laughed and told his devotees that, yes Kali can cure this throat cancer for me, but this is my Karma, If I don't bear it now, I will have to take birth again, just to finish this off. So , I choose to suffer and finish up this karmic debt of mine, so that I can attain Moksha.

=> In a nutshell, It is only our Karma which is responsible for each and everything which happens to us, whether it is sanchit karma, prarabdh karma aur kriyaaman karma. It is a vicious circle of good and bad deeds which becomes a vicious circle of suffering and happiness. So Hindu dharma teaches us to be humble, do good deeds, help the weak, never be proud of your power and misuse it to insult/trouble the weak, and always remeber to chant God's name. This is the geeta saar of all shastras.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Astrological Consultation

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Please note:

1) Astrological Consultation is not available free of cost because it involves considerable time, effort and analysis. Some fees will be charged. Moreover paying dakshina to guru, vaidya, priest and jyotishi is a must. 

2) For queries related to married life and child-birth the horoscopes of both the husband & wife have to be analyzed.

The remedies suggested by me will be as per your charts and they won’t involve any major expenses or expensive poojas (very rarely I suggest such things). they would be spiritual and ritualistic in nature, which will help to reduce these negative afflictions, provided you follow them with discipline, faith and patience for a considerable time period. Karmic afflictions take time to get mitigated.

Faith on astrologers:

"Yadrishi bhavana yasya siddhir bhavati tadrishi”

The scriptures say that the type of results one attains depends on the thoughts/faith one has while approaching the Daivagya(astrologer), teerath sthal(pilgrim), devta(God), vaidya(doctor), mantra and aushadi(medicine).

So one must approach for astrological consultation only if  he/she has complete faith in astrology, rituals, remedies and the astrologer.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

जानें ग्रह कब देते हैं अशुभ फल?

सूर्य- जब जातक किसी भी प्रकार का टैक्स चुराता है एवं किसी भी जीव की आत्मा को कष्ट देता है। तब सूर्य अशुभ फल देता है। 

चंद्र- जब जातक सम्मानजनक स्त्रियों को कष्ट देता हैं। जैसे- माता, नानी, दादी, सास एवं इनके समान वाली स्त्रियों को कष्ट देता है तब चंद्र अशुभ फल देता है। धोखे से किसी से कोई वस्तु लेने पर भी चंद्रमा अशुभ फल देता है।

मंगल- जब जातक अपने भाई से झगड़ा क
रें, भाई के साथ धोखा करें। अपनी पत्नी के भाई का अपमान करें, तो भी मंगल अशुभ फल देता है।

बुध- जब जातक अपनी बहन, बेटी अथवा बुआ को कष्ट देता है, साली एवं मौसी को कष्ट देता है। जब जातक हिजड़े को कष्ट देता है, तो भी बुध अशुभ फल देता है।

गुरु- जब जातक पिता, दादा, नाना को कष्ट देता है अथवा इनके समान पद वाले व्यक्ति को कष्ट देता है। साधु-संतों को कष्ट देने से भी गुरु अशुभ फल देता है।

शुक्र- जब जातक जीवनसाथी को कष्ट देता है। घर में गंदे एवं फटे वस्त्र रखने एवं पहनने पर भी शुक्र अशुभ फल देता है।

शनि- जब जातक ताऊ, चाचा को कष्ट देता है, मजदूर की पूरी मजदूरी नहीं देता है। घर या दुकान के नौकरों को गाली देता है। शराब, मांस खाने पर भी शनि अशुभ फल देता है। कुछ लोग मकान या दुकान किराए से लेते फिर बाद में खाली नहीं करते या खाली करने के लिए पैसे मंगाते है, तो शनि अशुभ फल देता है।

राहु- जब जातक बड़े भाई को कष्ट देता है या अपमान करता है। ननिहाल पक्ष का अपमान करने पर एवं सपेरे का दिल दुखाने पर भी राहु कष्ट देता है।

केतु- जब जातक भतीजे, भांजे को कष्ट देता है या उनका हक छीनता है। कुत्ते को मारने या किसी के द्वारा मरवाने पर, मंदिर की ध्वजा तोड़ने पर केतु अशुभ फल देता है। किसी की झूठी गवाही देने पर भी राहु-केतु अशुभ फल देते हैं।

अत: नवग्रहों का अनुकूल फल पाने के लिए मनुष्य को अपना जीवन व्यवस्थित जीना चाहिए, किसी का दिल नहीं दुखाना चाहिए। न ही किसी के साथ छल-कपट करना चाहिए।
चार वेद छ: शास्त्र में बात मिली हैं दोए | सुख दीने सुख होत है दुःख दीने दुःख होए ||

कर्मों की गति... 

"गंगा-पुत्र" भीष्म... ने ऐसा कौन सा पाप किया था कि उन्हें शर-शैया का अपार असहनीय कष्ट भुगतना पडा ??? 

भीष्म जब शर-शैया पर थे, तो भगवान् श्री कृष्ण उनसे मिलने आये... 
शर शैया पर पड़े भीष्म ने कहा, " मैं अपने पिछले एक सौ ज
न्मों को देख सकता हूँ... मुझे स्मरण नहीं आता कि मैने कोई ऐसा पाप किया हो कि मुझे शर शैया पर सोने का कष्ट भोगना पड़ रहा है" ?

भगवान् श्री कृष्ण मुस्कराये और बोले, " पितामह, आप ने एक और जन्म पीछे जा कर देखा होता, तो आप को अपने प्रश्न का उत्तर मिल जाता... अपने १०१ वें जन्म पूर्व में भी आप एक राजकुमार थे और एक बार शिकार के समय, एक सांप को उसकी पूंछ से पकड़ कर आप ने जो फेंका था, वो कांटो पर जा कर गिरा और मर गया | उस पाप के फलस्वरूप तुम्हें यह शर शैया प्राप्त हुई है |"

भीष्म का प्रश्न था, " इस पाप का फल १०१ वर्ष बाद आज क्यों ? पहले किसी जन्म में क्यों नहीं मिला "?

भगवान् श्री कृष्ण ने उत्तर दिया, " आपके ये समस्त जन्म शुभ कर्मों से युक्त थे... अतः कहीं उस पाप को भोगने का कारण नहीं बना... अवसर नहीं मिला... वह पाप शुभ कर्मों के प्रभाव से दबा रहा |"

भीष्म ने पुन: प्रश्न किया, " प्रभु ! तो इस जन्म में मैने ऐसा क्या किया" ?

प्रभु मुस्कराये और बोले, " पितामह ! इस जन्म में आपने अपने अहंकार स्वरुप अपने वचन में फंसकर दुष्ट कौरवों का अन्न खाया... और जानते हुए भी द्रोपदी को सभा में अपमानित करने वालों का विरोध करना तो दूर, अपितु शांत रहे... इस कारण इस जन्म में आपके पूर्व के उस पाप के फल को अवसर प्राप्त हुआ |"

कर्मों की गति बड़ी विचित्र और अटल है... व्यक्ति को प्रत्येक शुभ-अशुभ कर्मों का फल... कभी न कभी भुगतना ही पड़ता है... यही इस प्रकृति का अटल नियम विधान है...

अत: हमें प्रत्येक क्षण अपने देहिक और मानसिक... दोनों प्रकार के... कर्मों का... भली-भाँती बड़ी सावधानी से अध्ययन करते रहना चाहिए... क्यूंकि वर्तमान ही भविष्य का अतीत है.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Planets and their importance

Graha Rajyam Prayachhanti, Graha Rajyam Haranti Cha, Grahaeè Vyapatam Sakalam Jagat

Meaning: Planets not only grant and snatch away Kingdoms but are also responsible for existence of this whole Universe.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Astrology and Astrologers

The astrology principles given by our ancient seers are 100% true but we astrologers have our limitations & are not 100% accurate - in spite of all our studies, experience and poojas. Therefore one should use astrology as an additional guide but don't ever totally depend on predictions.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Jist of Lal Kitab and Astrology

                                                              Bimari ka bagair dawai bhi ilaj hai,
                                                magar maut ka koi ilaj nahin;
                                                duniyavi hisab kitab hai,
                                                koi dawa-ae-khudai nahin.

This is the opening line of the world famous Lal Kitab( A book on astrology based on the experience of a very knowledgeable and learned astrologer. This book was written in Urdu.)

Meaning: The author of Lal Kitab says that diseases( as in problems in life) have solutions through astrology, but death(Destiny) has no cure. Further, he says that astrology is basically like a balance sheet of your karmas , it is not a miracle or some super power(God) which can change anything and everything.

In a nutshell, astrology is a guide which can show you the way in advance , but can not change your fate. But, yes it can help you reduce your suffering through its powerful remedies.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mantra chanting

Once a gyaan yogi uses his intelligence to realize his ultimate nature, but he had disdain for all other systems. He Laughed at bhaktas and make fun of kriya yogis and karam yogis.

Once a gyaan yogi went to Lord Shiva and said, All your Bhaktas keep chanting mantras and doing nothing but adding to the noise pollution just by chanting mantras. what will they get,. Why don't you tell them to stop?.
Pointing to a worm crawling on the floor, Shiva said, "Just go close to the worm and utter Shiv Shambu." The gyaan yogi did what he was asked to do and when he uttered Shiv Shambu. The worm died immediately. What is this I just said the mantra and the worm died?
Shiva smiled and pointed at a butterfly and asked the jnana yogi to do the same and when he did so the butterfly died immediately. The gyaan yogi was stunned and said if the mantra can kill why do they recite mantras?.
At this Lord shiva smiled and pointing at a deer, He asked the yogi to say Shiv Shambu near the deer and doing so the deer too died.
Then a mother came with a child in her lap and again Shiva asked the jnana yogi to utter Shiv Shambu near the child, at which he refused and said he does not want to kill the child. But Shiva asked him to do so, and when he uttered Shiva Shambu the child woke up and said, I was just a worm, with one mantra you made me a butterfly and then you made me deer and again with the third mantra you made me a human being. Please utter the mantra once again and I want to attain divinity.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

नमस्ते अस्तु भगवन विश्वेश्वराय महादेवाय त्रयम्बकाय त्रिपुरान्तकाय त्रिकालाग्निकालाय कालाग्नीरुद्राय नीलकंठाय मृत्युमजयाय सर्वेश्वराय सदाशिवाय श्रीमन महादेवाय नमः